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First up I am looking for the service manual & schematics on a Sharp SF9400 photo copier, is there anyone that can help out with this please. I have purchased this manual from online manual sites only to find it is not complete & does not have the electrical schematics.

Secondly I am looking for data sheets or any information on the following IC's SN751521GAFT & SN751522 also this one that is out of an IBM 5140 laptop it is 6487158 (E46L01FL)

Any help on any of these would greatly be appreciated.

Thankyou prolater

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Does your SF9400 service manual include the pages that list the connector pins, voltages, and functions?

Sharp copier field service manuals are board level repair and they only listed the in's and out's on the boards, but no schematics. I cannot remember seeing the schematics on any of the Sharp or Konika copiers when I did the field service.

The SN #'s given, I've seen those in use in lcd and plasma displays, some kind of driver ic I suspect, I have never seen any data sheet information on them, let alone any schematic of any actual lcd display.

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No unfortunately it does not, I have just about created a schem for the section I need but it is extremely time consuming and difficult at best as there is still so many unknowns. I am just hoping that some1 may have something on it


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