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First up I am looking for the service manual & schematics on a Sharp SF9400 photo copier, is there anyone that can help out with this please. I have purchased this manual from online manual sites only to find it is not complete & does not have the electrical schematics.

Secondly I am looking for data sheets or any information on the following IC's SN751521GAFT & SN751522 also this one that is out of an IBM 5140 laptop it is 6487158 (E46L01FL)

Any help on any of these would greatly be appreciated.

Thankyou prolater

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On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:20:19 +1100, "prolater" put finger to keyboard and composed:

I suspect these are TI made-to-order parts, probably line drivers or interface ICs. It may help if you told us the application, number of pins, package style, supply voltage, date code, etc.

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar


These IC's SN751521GAFT & SN751522 are on the back of 2 old plasma displays I have, attached to a removable pcb.

The SN751521GAFT is a 48pin flat package & the SN751522 is a 20 pin flat package type. This small pcb the carries these 2 IC's mounts in the middle of the back and connects to a series of sn5108A IC's(10) & others which are in a far to delicate place to identify ATM.

Wether they are custom or not I don't know but the screens are from old Toshiba 386 laptops (so to speak) the model of the laptops are 5100 from memory.

regards prolater

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