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Since purchasing a tabletop usb condenser mic, listeners on a chat site tell me they are hearing severe intermittent "squealing & distortion". I am using headphones, no speakers connected to the computer so i can rule out audio feedback as the problem. I'm of the opinion that rf from the computer may be getting into my mic. The mic's usb plug does 'not' have a ferrite rf choke. Besides placing a choke on the above usb plug, i will also place a choke at the base of the mic. I will try to acquire ferrite chokes from a discarded vga monitor or purchase "snap-on" chokes from radio shack. Any suggestions, advice etc. would be appreciated. Thank You.

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Well if this is a USB microphone, a ferrite choke should make no difference. The sound will be digital data rather than analog audio on the USB cable. I have had a problem with small condenser squealing mic's when I cover the hole with my finger. I have no explanation for this phenomenon, but may be what you are experiencing. Have you tried a standard analog mic instead? There may be some issues with your USB mic.


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