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The only problem (major problem) with the CD Rom drive is the initial access when I first insert a data CD rom (or audio CD), even when laptop is on for awhile and warmed up. I have to insert it many times before I finally have access (if I am lucky). Note: Each time I insert the CD, the drive attempts to "read" it several times before it aborts. Once the CD is "accessed", there are no more problems. I can leave the data CD in the drive all day (laptop power stays on via AC) and never have trouble reading the CD. The CD will stop spinning when not accessed, but it never has any trouble spinning up later so I can access data from the CD rom. Once I remove the CD rom or power down the laptop, my trouble starts all over again. Note: This happens with other data CD roms too. This is why I wondered if the problem is reading the "initial" track, and maybe the head can't position itself properly on that track? I had removed and examined the drive (I am a TV service tech.) and I couldn't see any dirt or restrictions that may prevent the head from reaching the "initial" position.

Thanks in advance, Brad

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Hi, > > I bought a new Compaq Armada 1520DM laptop around 1997. A few years >ago, it started to have difficultly reading a CD rom, or playing an audio CD. >However, once the CD was "accessed", there was no problem "reading" or >"playing" (audio) the CD. Note: I have not used the CD drive very often. > > The problem relates to inserting the CD, and getting the initial >information, which I assume is on the outer most track. Sometimes, I have to >insert the CD several times (and wait) before the CD is finally "accessible" >(I hear the "spin up" sound, I know from now on, the CD is accessible). >Other times, it isn't accessible (doesn't "spin up" to full speed). > > I had removed the CD rom drive (note: I am a TV service tech) and checked >the head movement freedom to the outer edge and I found no "interference" >or no physical reason the head can't "reach" that position. > > Any information about what might cause this problem will be greatly >appreciated. >
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I take it the replies on the subject the last time you posted weren't worthy of consideration or a response? And the time before that, and the time before that...

Buy a new CDRom, either from the manufacturer (not cheap) or used from eBay, or get an external USB one. My guess is the motor bearing lubrication has dried/gummed up, the laser is weak or dirty, or it's just generally past it.

If you've serviced it, ie cleaned it thoroughly, cleaned the laser lens, relubed the sled rails, pinions etc, and it still doesn't work, how do you expect to repair it? You can't get parts for these- the entire assembly must be replaced.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my various posts relating to this problem. I hope I didn't annoy anyone. I did perform the cleaning, lube, etc. which some of you suggested, but that didn't solve the problem. I found technical information on the web about CD disk media, but not the correct type of information. I wanted to have a better understanding of the process of the initial reading of a CD rom disk. I have learned a few things from some of you, which I am very thankful.

Thank you, Brad

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