Cant get rid fo Video Label on my Sony Wega

Hi, Recently, the Video Label on my Sony Wega KV-32FS100 will not go away. I press Display on the remote repeatadly and nothing happens. I've tried to go into the menu > Setup > Video Label dialog but I can only change the type of label that is displayed (LD, Line1, Satellite, DVD...) but cannot make it go away. I also tried removing all the components and also tried to Reset the TV without any resolution. Please help... this is driving me nuts.

Any advice is much appreciated. Best regards, KK

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Look for an "info" or "display" button on the remote!

-- Adrian C

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Adrian C

Hi kip, Thanks for the pointer, however, I'm not certain I know what a Tac switch is. Is that someting in the TV or the remote. Is it someting I can change myself or do I need a licenced Sony repairman? Care to elaborate. I confirmed that the problem is not with the remote. I have a second Sony TV and I tried the remote from that TV. I also unplugged my TV overnight, hoping that would work..... nope.

Look forward to your reply.

Regards, KK

kip wrote:

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