Blackberry JVM 523 Error / Reset

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I believe that this item below may help out a lot of people who have a


I had an error on my Blackberry 8703e. The error message was "JVM 523
Error / reset".

I found out from doing some research and calling the tech support of
my telephone company, that this is a known bug with a number of models
of the Blackberry. Its occurrence can be random. The cause is
suspected to be that the Blackberry is going in to some kind of a loop
or hang-up with its Java software.

It may take a fair number of re-sets by removing the battery to get
the Blackberry going again. The looping problem has to be re-set.

You can also re-set the Blackberry by pressing the Alt-Num-Del keys as
like the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys back in the PC DOS days. You must get the
sequence of pressing these keys exactly right, and hold them down for
about 6 seconds. This is a warm re-start, not a cold re-start as like
removing the battery.

One thing that happens most of the time when the Blackberry is
starting up and the error is still present, it will give its regular
desktop screen for about 5 to 7 seconds. This is before it shows this
error with a full white screen.

A way that sometimes breaks the loop, is that as soon as the desktop
screen is present, start alternatively {not together} clicking the
"Stop Key" (Red Hang-up Key) and the "Escape Key" (Push Button on the
side below the scroll key).  This may get the Java program to abort.

A symptom of this problem can show when you start seeing the
Blackberry is starting responding slowly while working with it.
Eventually it will go in to this error mode by itself, or it will
happen the next time you make it do a re-set.

If you have this problem, a good cleanup to try before re-installing
its operating system is to delete all the service book files, and re-
load them from your service provider's Blackberry email and setup
utility on the net. This will usually fix a lot of bugs with this

If the problem is not resolved, then a forced re-start can be done by
downloading and installing the operating system. For this you will
have to contact your service provider tech support to have them guide
you to the correct site and version for your device. You will need the
Blackberry backup and utility software installed on your PC with high
speed internet access to do this task.

Re-installing the operating system is not a fix for this error
problem. It will fix other problems if the operating system in the
Blackberry is defective. The idea of the re-installation in this case
is to force a system stop and a full re-start.

If you have to re-install the operating system in to your Blackberry,
it may be advisable for you to have the service department of your
service provider do this for you. If something goes wrong during the
process, it is possible to create a non-reversible problem.

This JVM 523 error is a known issue with a number of models of
Blackberry. I was told that it has not been properly resolved at this



Jerry G.

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