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My college aged son's 16-month old 20GB IPod (2nd generation I believe) died a few days ago. The LCD display is still working and the battery seems fine as well. When the USB cable is plugged into to computer, it charges the battery and displays the "do not disconnect" message, but does not ever autostart the iTunes application. The "hold" button also displays properly on the LCD, but no other front panel buttons do anything at all. (It will not shut off and requires the battery be exhausted before shutting down).

Since there really is not much to the device and the battery and display are working properly, I suspect the PCB is likely good and the fault is most likely a crashed hard drive. Does anyone have any experience with repair of the iPod device? Can the drive be easily replaced? How does it open (no screws so I assume the plastic face/cover snaps off the polished metal backing, but there are no "pry slots" and the fit is very tight. Any advice anyone can offer?

If I'm not able to repair it, then can someone provide suggested mail/web repair sites and approximate prices to replace the drive? Also, is this typical of the lifespan? My son says it was used extensively over the time period, but never dropped or physically abused. Thanks in advance.


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Bob Shuman
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Broken iPod, two options available.

  1. Throw it away and buy a new one.
  2. Call Apple for the flat rate amount for repair, give them credit card number, ship it to them for repair.

Warning, any sign of the unit being opened up will render it not being repaired by Apple.

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See the link for instructions for removing the battery in different model IPods. The left hand side of the page has links for the different models.

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Tony Marsillo

If you have not yet done it, go to the Apple site and read the short description of the several steps you can use to reset the iPod. This includes the software downloads you may need.

It may be your son sync'd it up with a friend's computer, and now the pod thinks it belongs to another computer, a simple thing to reset.

While your at it, be sure to update both the iPod, and iTunes to the latest versions. It's all free.


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Don Bowey

I don't think it's hardware, I think it's a software issue. You probably need to do a hard reset, download the latest itunes and ipod updater and run the reset/update.


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Juan Jimenez

Try holding down the centre button and menu button simultaneously for five seconds.

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