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You're surely going to get far better info than I can give you (old, long retired) but maybe get you at least started.

First suggestion is that it's highly unlikely that the power adapter plug is really "like a stereo headphone jack" (that would necessitate shorting it at least momentarily as it was inserted/removed) So, respectfully, are you sure?

Second would be that you examine the connector with both your reading glasses and the biggest magnifying glass you can get ahold of. Standard practice is to mark polarity on such jacks; but on a wristwatch size device it will be very tiny.

Third, 100 mils at 9 volts seems an awful lot for any battery that could be put into a wristwatch. That spec may be correct, but there must be some current limiting resistor in series.

Just a start.


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Good thing it did. These radios are ILLEGAL to import, own or operate in Israel.


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Dear members,

During a visit in the US I purchased a couple of X2X wrist watch 2-way radios, including the adapter. I enjoyed the product very much. When I returned to Israel, where I live, I tried to recharge the batteries, and I used 200-to-110V adapter, to which I plugged the original XA10 adapter. Unfortunately, due to malfunction of the down-converter, the XA10 adapter burned out. I want now to buy a transformer, here in Israel, and to use it directly as the adapter for charging my X2X batteries. I understand that the adapter output should be rated 9VDC @100mA (2.2W). I need only information regarding the plug that goes to the wrist-watch. It looks like stereo-headphones plug- and I need to know the polarity of the voltage, namely, on the three terminals, which is the positive, the negative, and what is the third one. Please help me with it. I want to enjoy the 2-way radio here, just like I did in the US. Thank you in advance, Dr.Y. Gofer

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So what?

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Usually the polarity is shown on the label, if it's not however, what I would do is crack open the case of the burned out adapter and look at how it's wired. There should be some rectifier diodes and from those you can determine the polarity, then just cut the cord off the burned out adapter and wire it in to the new one.

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This guy posted this same request on this ng back on June 2. My response then was;

You would have to hope that the 110Vac - 9Vdc plug adapter, in failing, has not subjected the wrist radio to a severe overvoltage since this would possibly make it un-repairable.

To find out the correct polarity for wiring the plug you should dismantle the dead adapter and identify the cable connections back to the internal circuitry. The cable will probably connect to the pcb where an electrolytic capacitor is the last dc filtering component before the cable connection. Since the capacitor is across the dc output supply and is polarised (black line on side of cap = negative), you can trace the connections to the corresponding conductors in the output cable and hence to the associated connector rings on the plug. The other terminal onthe capacitor will correspond to the positive output conductor. Check out both conductors using a multimeter on continuity check or ohms position.

Good luck.

He obviously isn't prepared to, or can't undertake this exercise for some reason.

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