22?? remotes for the same TV

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I just bougbta little smart TV and I was looking to figure out what
those 4 little black machine screws that they gave me were for, and I
saw an entry in Amazon for remote controls for my model.  

Fine, but there are 24 separate entries in the list, and the first 3 I
looked at had different "brand"s.  How can there be between 3 and 24
manufacturers of the same remote control?


4 or moe are listed as Replacement, 1 or more as Replace, 3 as For, a
couple as Replaced, and 1 or more as Original.  

I think they all look just line mine!!  Except thie one, which doens't
actually mention my model number and is labeled Compatible with LG.  
My button labeled Picture is labeled Netflix,and Sound is labeled Amazon
and 2 or 3 other smaller changes.  

BTW, the listing for the TV itself is quite interesting.    

points to  

Which has 3 for sale,  

$172.99   Used - Like New
$299.99   New
$379.99   Used - Like New
          Brand new  

It originally sold on Amazon for $300 (based on a review of 3 small tvs,
that pointed all 3 to Amazon.)

So the first one is cheaper because it's used.
The second is the original price
And the 3rd 379 and can't decide if it's new or used!!!

But get this, Abt has the same thing, NEW, for $157  

Re: 22?? remotes for the same TV
The screws are to mount the feet.  

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA  

Re: 22?? remotes for the same TV

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As Peter Wieck mentioned, they're probably for mounting the feet.  Or,
they might be M4 screws for mounting the VESA stand to the back of the

Looks like you bought an LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU without a remote
control.  There should be something in the owners manual on how to
install the screws:

Support Page:


Owners Manual:
(12.1 MB)

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There are plenty of different remotes available that will contol the
basic functions of your TV.  However, the obscure functions found on
the factory remote are often missing or misplaced.  Before buying a
"compatible" remote, find a photo of the original factory AKB75095330
remote that goes with your TV, and check if all the buttons and
features are present.  
However, LG is unique in that their TV remotes tend to work on all
their similar model LG TV's.  Some replacement remote control makers
add buttons for specfic features, like Netflix, but the other
functions are usually there.  If they all seem to look the same, it
might be because they are all the same.

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