PIC16F916 PortA as input

Is there anyone using PIC16F916's lower half of portA (RA0~RA3) as
digital inputs? I have problem on these pins. I actually have RA0 as
analog input and RA1~RA4 as digital input. RA1~RA3 stuck low all the
time regardless the condition on the pin while RA4 is ok. I configured
the port as TRISA=0xFF, disabled LCD module by LCDEN=0 and configure
analog as ANSEL=0x01. Did I miss anything on RA1~RA3? I also
reassigned these 2 of the inputs to RA5 and RA6, they worked fine.
Many thanks.
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Probably the same thing I had with other multi-function pins. In your case, make sure CMCON0 is set to 0x07. This will disable the comparator which wants to use RA0:RA3 as inputs.
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That's exactly the right fix! It works now. Thank you so much. You saved me days of work of trying to get support from Microchip.
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