New(ish) assembler for PIC16 microcontrollers (asm1825)

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I thought I'd put a post out here for anyone working with PIC16
microcontrollers who might be interested in this assembler I've been
working on.  I started developing this around 2017 because I found
Microchip's development platform too bloated for my liking (especially

There's still work to be done.  It does not handle separate object
file, but supports included files (similar to the venerable a86
assembler for Intel).  Output is direct to .hex file, ready to burn.

The current release is version 0.8.1, available at

From my listing at :

asm1825 is a lightweight standalone assembler for PIC
microcontrollers, specifically the PIC16(L)F1825 and similar variants.
It is a two pass command line based assembler producing ready to burn
.hex output with support for macros, file inclusion, and arithmetic
evaluation of operands. It follows the opcode definitions in the '1825
datasheet and makes no explicit attempt at full compatibility with
other specific assemblers (such as mpasm), but hopefully does not
break compatibility without good cause. Speed of assembly is one of
its primary goals. asm1825 has no library dependencies beyond a
standard libc. As development continues, support for more PIC12 and
PIC16 series microcontrollers will be added.

Hopefully it proves useful to others.  Questions/comments/bug reports
are all welcome.


Andrew Turnquist, Short Tract, New York, USA
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