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Good day all!
As I'm strolling around usenet for a while, this seems a more or less
active newsgroup, so I'll try posting this in here:
I'm using the PICs of Microchip, at the moment the 18F2550 because of its
USB port. It's speed is (above) 20MHz, which is more than enough to see if
someone is in the shower and to close the curtains then. Even for the
secondary speedmeter for the car its great, and you can read out the logs
really easy. But I do have following problems:
The guy who programmed the GUI for the USB readout and the program for the
USB connection moved away and isn't able to make some new stuff when I'd
need it. Maybe someone knows how to programm a protocol and how to
interact PIC with a PC!?
The costs of a 2550 are about 8 quid (Euros in fact). I think there are
more, lets say cost-effective microprocessors on the market? Somewhere?
Anyone knows another good board for microcontrollers? Would be greatly
Philipp Varley, TU Darmstadt, Mechatronik
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