ColdFire MCF5213 Evaluation Kit

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This low cost ColdFire evaluation board with GCC development software is all
in a package costing less than 100 UK Pounds  ( 140 Euro ).

It makes an ideal evaluation kit for getting started on ColdFire MCF5213
projects or just as a high power programmable unit for small volume

The MCF5213 device is a 32-bit ColdFire processor which incorporates 256KB
of Flash, 32KBytes of RAM, Digital I/O, ADC, QSPI, PWMs, timers, a PLL, I2C
and more. The 32 bit processor runs at a system clock speed of up to 80MHZ
which gives 76MIPS of performance.

Included is the 64K Starter Edition of our software development package
which provides the capability to compile, debug, and flash program up to
64KB of user C code. This software suite includes the In Circuit Debugger,
Flash Programmer, and integrated environment with built in GCC Compiler. A
Quickstart Manual and sample template project will give you a jump start on
your own interrupt driven firmware design.

Powerful features of the DEV5213CF development board include:
    Contains an embedded USB to BDM interface for easy debug
                and flash programming
    Large through-hole development area including SOIC and TSSOP pads
    RS232 transceivers for the processors serial ports UART0 and 1
    Built in circuitry to provide a clock to the target from an 8Mhz crystal
                 or a user provided oscillator.
    LEDs connected to GPT0/1/2/3 port pins. These may be disabled via
                 on-board jumpers.
    RESET, IRQ1 and IRQ2 buttons
    Headers providing access to all the processor's pins
                 - individually Labelled for easy access.

Schematics of the DEV5213 development board are supplied

The software included in the kit is a starter version of our full ColdFire
Package Pro so when more code space is needed upgrading will be trivial. The
starter kit WinIDE limits source to 5000 lines, symbols to 2500, the load
size (64K) into the debugger, the programming size (64K) in the flash
programmer, and the code size (64K) of the output file generated by the
compiler. No limitation is made to the GCC compiler included in the starter
kit which can be run without limitation from outside of the development

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