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This low cost ColdFire evaluation board with GCC development software is all
in a package costing less than 100 UK Pounds  ( 140 Euro ).

It makes an ideal evaluation kit for getting started on ColdFire MCF5213
projects or just as a high power programmable unit for small volume

The MCF5213 device is a 32-bit ColdFire processor which incorporates 256KB
of Flash, 32KBytes of RAM, Digital I/O, ADC, QSPI, PWMs, timers, a PLL, I2C
and more. The 32 bit processor runs at a system clock speed of up to 80MHZ
which gives 76MIPS of performance.

Included is the 64K Starter Edition of our software development package
which provides the capability to compile, debug, and flash program up to
64KB of user C code. This software suite includes the In Circuit Debugger,
Flash Programmer, and integrated environment with built in GCC Compiler. A
Quickstart Manual and sample template project will give you a jump start on
your own interrupt driven firmware design.

Powerful features of the DEV5213CF development board include:
    Contains an embedded USB to BDM interface for easy debug
                and flash programming
    Large through-hole development area including SOIC and TSSOP pads
    RS232 transceivers for the processors serial ports UART0 and 1
    Built in circuitry to provide a clock to the target from an 8Mhz crystal
                 or a user provided oscillator.
    LEDs connected to GPT0/1/2/3 port pins. These may be disabled via
                 on-board jumpers.
    RESET, IRQ1 and IRQ2 buttons
    Headers providing access to all the processor's pins
                 - individually Labelled for easy access.

Schematics of the DEV5213 development board are supplied

The software included in the kit is a starter version of our full ColdFire
Package Pro so when more code space is needed upgrading will be trivial. The
starter kit WinIDE limits source to 5000 lines, symbols to 2500, the load
size (64K) into the debugger, the programming size (64K) in the flash
programmer, and the code size (64K) of the output file generated by the
compiler. No limitation is made to the GCC compiler included in the starter
kit which can be run without limitation from outside of the development

For more details reply to Sales@computer-solutions.co.uk  or Visit our web
site   http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk/chipdev/pandecfpro.htm

Keep the site book marked as in the "Information Zone" we have published a
number of free services to Embedded Engineers -

  1) Micro-Search - our searchable database of over 1000 chip specs from
                        55 different  8051 manufacturers

  2) Support Tools Directory - shows the development tools available
                        for over 100 microprocessor families

  3) The Embedded Web - 330 + links to useful sites from Chip
                        Manufacturers to software algorithms

Chris Stephens                        E-mail: sales@computer-solutions.co.uk
Computer Solutions Ltd.          Phone:  +44  (0)1 932 829 460
1a New Haw Road,                Fax:    +44  (0)1 932 840 603
Addlestone, Surrey                  http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk
KT15 2BZ  England

 For the largest range of embedded microprocessor development tools

SPAM from Chris Stephens (again)
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Ever notice that his Usenet traffic consists of
periodically leaving his multi-posted droppings and slinking away?

The classic definition of a spammer.

Re: SPAM from Chris Stephens (again)

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Only because you follow up to him.

Re: SPAM from Chris Stephens (again)
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You can do something about it:
X-Complaints-To: abuse @btinternet.com
Mailto: snipped-for-privacy@btinternet.com

Re: SPAM from Chris Stephens (again)

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I've already killfiled him, that's all that was needed. If you insist on
following up to every spam that gets posted, I'll add you as well. If you
must follow up, why don't you post them to news.admin.net-abuse.sightings
where it might do a bit of good, instead of here where all you can
accomplish is to annoy the regulars?

Ah. So THAT's how you handle Usenet spam.
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Ah. The PASSIVE approach.
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In my time on Usenet, can you believe that
that is the FIRST time I have seen someone suggest that?

Having done searches in the archives before,
I have seen references to news.admin.*
but I always thought it required that the admins of the offenders
monitor the groups (Yeah. Right.) for those groups to be effective.

After reading your post, I researching the subject
http://groups.google.com/group/news.admin.net-abuse.sightings/browse_frm/thread/def93a2d469a791f?q=followups -*.*-*-to-*-appropriate-newsgroup+news.admin.net-abuse.usenet+abuse.of.*.*.public.network+*.*.site.of.abuse+headers-*-*-added+spam.of.all.sorts+X-Apparently-Complain-To+first.group.spotted
  example of a Usenet-related post:

and discovered the  X-Apparently-Complain-To:  tag.

At this point, my unanswered questions are:
1) Does a complaint from killfile.org carry more weight than any other?

2) Do some Postmasters / abuse@ departments
require a critical mass of complaints before they act
--even with a complaint from killfile.org?

3) Is there a list of abuse-friendly ISPs / news providers
where it is a complete waste of time to complain?

Re: Ah. So THAT's how you handle Usenet spam.

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You might as well fight the rising tide. I certainly don't have the time
to chase spammers.

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I'll believe it if you say so.

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Many do, some don't

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Which can be easily faked. You need to look at the path as well, although
that can be preloaded as well.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A premium news provider will investigate even a single complaint, if it's
truly spam, they will take action. Look up the definition of BI (Breidbart
Index) to see the definition of spam.

Further, you may wish to read news.admin.net-abuse.usenet
and also read http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/faqs/nana-groups.html as well
for how to use the groups.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know, but I can say that complaining to Google is a complete waste
of time.

Re: Ah. So THAT's how you handle Usenet spam.
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Nope.  This is one that YOU missed.
After the bot verifies the report, this is an additional destination
which killfile.org / spamblocked.com GENERATES
and adds to its posting list.
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Great link.  Lots of good stuff all in one place.
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, not *complete*--I've seen njpcb's accounts terminated[1]
--but he does just open a new one.
Google DOES need to create a mechanism for repeat offenders.

Thanks for your input.
[1] It took quite a while on each occurance.
Either the latency between reports and action is high
or the critical-mass threshold is high--maybe both.

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