"Stupid" question with PIC

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Hello everybody,

I'm new with PIC so, sorry for this "stupid" (and easy for a lot of people)

For a project, I have to use a PIC 16F877 and I use PORTC for serial RS232
connection (pin 25 RC6/TX/CK and pin 26 RC7/RX/DT). So, I can use other free
pins of the PORTC in mode RC0 to RC5 or isn't possible?

I really don't know if a port can be configured in an only one mode (maybe
only RC0 to RC7) or it's possible to work in a mix mode.

Thanks and best regards.


Re: "Stupid" question with PIC

That is not a stupid question. Remember that no stupid question exist -
only a stupid answer !!!
I dont know that exact processor but I'm sure you can use other pins on
the same port to other things while using those two pins for a serial

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Re: "Stupid" question with PIC

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Most pins on most PIC processors are individually configurable. Check
the use of the ports TRIS register for assignments when used for other
than standard port i/o functions (for example ADC inputs are that by
default but can be changed to digital i/o with the ADC config registers).


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