yaSSL Exhibiting at ARM Technology Conference

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yaSSL will be exhibiting at the 2010 ARM Technology Conference in
Santa Clara, CA on November 10th and 11th, 2010.  If you are
attending, stop by and visit!  The yaSSL team will be talking about
several topics including:

1.  CyaSSL Embedded SSL for ARM environments.  We have various
assembly based optimizations for our SSL implementation on ARM.  Come
by and we can talk through the details.
2.  yaSSL Embedded Web Server!
3.  Building secure firmware update systems for your devices with our
4.  The CyaSSL Java provider for Android.
5.  Securing VoIP and Video on your devices.

If you would like to set a time to speak with yaSSL in detail, please
contact the yaSSL team at snipped-for-privacy@yassl.com.  To learn more about the
above topics, visit the yaSSL website: http://www.yassl.com .  We look
forward to seeing you there!

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