CyaSSL embedded SSL now available for MQX!

Hi! yaSSL is happy to announce that the CyaSSL embedded SSL library now support s MQX/RTCS/MFS as well as the Kinetis MCU and H/W RNGA. To supplement the port, we have also released several example CodeWarrior projects for CyaSSL . Please read the blog post on the subject for details:

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s_MQX_with_CyaSSL.html CyaSSL is dual licensed under both the GPLv2 and standard commercial licens e and has been optimized for use in resource constrained environments. The most up-to-date code can be found in the CyaSSL GitHub repository:

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When building CyaSSL for MQX, you'll need to uncomment the FREESCALE_MQX de fine found in /cyassl/ctaocrypt/settings.h. In addition t o supporting MQX, CyaSSL supports a long list of platforms and is generally very easy to port to new environments as well. Please let us know at info if you have any questions or feedback on our CyaSSL MQX port. Best Regards, Chris

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