Video controller implementation and Overlay management

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Hi all,
I'm a hw/fw designer and I'm now involved in developing a simple QVGA
controller inside a FPGA for an ambedded architecture (using PPC8270
micro and a sharp TFT 6bit/color display).
I found on opencores a VGA IP core that seems to be interesting and
usable but it doesn't manage OVERLAY.

I do not know how Linux manage X window sys... I google a lot whithout
find an useful answer, so please help:
- Do I need to implement an OVERLAY MANAGEMENT feature inside my FPGA
or not? Could I charge Linux's for OVERLAY features ?
- Should I write overlay features inside the driver or it's already
implemented in kernel?
- Where I could find info about video driver developing and kernel
- Do you have suggestion ?

Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance,


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