flashing disk using pxe

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hello all,

i've been ordered to install a linux system on a minipc called
this machine has, among other things, 2 usb ports, and is capable to
boot over network using PXE.

the main problem is that the root fs is already compiled using
buildroot. so i end up having a whole disk image, called disk.img, and
a network bootable machine.

How do i put together the two?
I am seriously thinking of building a minimal system, capable of raw-
writing some image on some device, and feed this via pxe to the
minipc, along with the target image.
Another solution might be doing the same thing using a usb pendrive.

wich is best? am i missing something? are there other solutions?
thank you,

Re: flashing disk using pxe
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I always do it with NFS rootfs. With it I can check if everything is working
as expected and then I write the image to the harddisk from inside the NFS


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