Trouble while running linux on custom PPC405GP board

Hello All ! I'm new in embedded linux and trying to run linux (2.4.22) on PowerPC (405GP). It boots nice, but when it tries to execute /sbin/init it hangs. Last console messages are: ....... VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem). Freeing unused kernel memory: 56k init 4k prep

I've tried to replace /sbin/init by my own executable - it's definitely have not been executed. I've traced it to the "last point" in kernel-mode (instruction "rfi" in file arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S:389). Everything OK before this point. But after this step kernel just hangs. After this sysrq-t prints that process init are running at c0007190 (this is in the arch_kernel_thread). sysrq-p doesn't print any registers, just the line "SysRq : Show Regs".

Could someone give me any tips how to handle this trouble?

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Is the NFS file system OK? Up to this point you have been running from the kernel image. But your init executable is probably on the NFS remote filesystem.


PS ELDK is a distribution for embedded systems (PowerPC, ARM, ...)

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Roger Larsson


NFS Filesystem is OK. File "/sbin/init" successfully loads in memory (I've checked this by examining contents of the memory). Problem occurs a bit later

- when kernel tries to switch to user-mode.

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Are you trying to mount the root using nfs?


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Shahar Hadas

I ran into a similar problem once when I had a bad glibc. I had compiled the kernel for 386, but the glibc still had 686 instructions that hung on old uP architectures.

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