The size of result from vfork() + pipe()

Dear all,

I am using vfork()+pipe() to excute a system command, for example "ifconfig LAN", and to get result by read the pipe. When my DRAM_SIZE is configured as 8MB, I can get a full size of result, such as

440bytes, but when my DRAM_SIZE is configured as 16MB, I can only get a incomplete result: 256bytes.

Can anyone tell me:

  1. How to increase the size of pipe in uClinux?
  2. Why does DRAM_SIZE incfluence the size of pipe?

My system configuration:

OS: uClinux Processor: ARM946-ES DRAM is 16MB


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so do a second read to get the rest!

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Jim Jackson

Hi Jim,

Thank you vy much. By following your comments, I have goten all result from the pipe!


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