how to assay usb-ohci.c

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hi all , im a newbie to linux devicer driver proggramming. and now i want to
assay the process of  the usb-ohci.c , but i dont know
how it work and the process of the function called. there is not any
function called module_init() module_exit() and so on.

Re: how to assay usb-ohci.c
See Rubini and friends !

Re: how to assay usb-ohci.c

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First, you seem to be working on a 2.4.x kernel. The USB system
has been improved significantly in more recent kernels.

The OHCI driver is unusual. The main part of the OHCI handling
is inside ohci_hcd.c file (usb-ohci.c in your case). For each
platform which implements an OHCI controller, there is a
ohci_platform.c file which gets included by the main file.

In the case of a PC, this would be ohci_pci.c, on a TI OMAP
it's ohci_omap.c, etc.

It's the platform specific files which contain the module
init and exit calls.

BTW. 'assay' is an expression mainly used in biology.
Computer scientists probably prefer 'understand', 'trace'
or even 'grok'. ;-)

Kind regards,


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