Simplest MCU or SOC for linux

I think the simplest 32-bit core that can run Linux with MMU is the ARM7-based MCUs. Am I correct?

And where can I get such MCUs and SOCs for educational and experimental purposes. Performance is not a priority, price and simplicity is.

Ideally I would have gone with the Am386 from AMD if they still had those. The elan586 is a bit expensive. Motorolla's 68030-based MCUs are a bit too specialized but look better than the x86 based MCUs. I know nothing about the ARM or MIPS based cores. The SSH3 based MCUs are also I believe cheap but I havent investigated those in favor of the ARM7. I would appreciate it if someone can point me to a Jameco-style mail order low-cost low-amount supplier of such MCUs for hacking purposes and booting the linux and netbsd kernel.

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Ghazan Haider
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