setting the environment for the m68k-elf-gcc toolchain

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I'm trying to write an ADC driver for my ColdFire Board that runs on
uClinux. For this, i have installed the toolchain : m68k-elf-gcc from
the uClinux site.

My question, though pretty elementary is, how can I be sure that when
i run my make file, it is invoking the m6k-elf-gcc compiler than the
regular standard gcc compiler ??

I have added the uClinux toolchain to the PATH variable. What can I do
to check that this compiler is being invoked for  the compilatoin ???



Re: setting the environment for the m68k-elf-gcc toolchain
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Next time, if you have to ask the same question in several
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The compiler is picked by your make file, either explicitly
(like 'gcc') or implicitly (set by the CC= macro). For details,
please get the documentation for make and read it. The GNU make
documents can be found at /.


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi

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