seeking midori distro

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'' has vanished; 'midori' cvs on 'sourceforge' is

I would very much appreciate locating the distro(s) as published by
Transmeta (tarballs, ISO images, etc.). X86-devel versions and
docs most needed.


Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum

Re: seeking midori distro

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Please have a look at
At this site, there is the newest CVS for Midori, but no documentation.
The "new" version of midori is from 2003. In my opinion, this project is
I would disadvise you to use Midori for a project. I do it and it's very
difficult. A lot of modules in this distro are not testet.
And it's difficult to find documentation.
If you want to use it and if you need some documentation, I can send you
Please write a mail to and I will send you the
documentation I have here.
It's not much but for beginning ok.
The rest you have to try when you're working with Midori.



Re: seeking midori distro

Michael Grigoni schrieb:
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Here some other links:

1) Directory of all Midori-Versions and Mirrors of the not longer
    avaible Transmeta-Midori-Webpage /

2) Armtwister-Hompage

3) CVS of the Midori-Project (age > 15 months)

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