Samsung hires astro-turfing firm to shill developer forums

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Samsung agency is buying off StackOverflow users
August 1, 2013


Second, it insulting to me to expect that I'd violate the community I've put  
so much effort into for a few bucks. Had they approached me to ask that I  
promote the competition legitimately, I would've been happy to do it out of  

Lastly, "Androids"?! Really?!

I know this isn't Samsung's fault directly but please, please help me  
prevent FLLU and Samsung from getting away with this! Spread the word, don't  
let them undermine the few good communities we've created out there on the  

I've notified StackExchange, hopefully they can do something about it on  
their end.


Any country with laws is, by definition, not "free"

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Re: Samsung hires astro-turfing firm to shill developer forums
Ezekiel wrote:

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Failed MBA's reaching out to trolls again to further their
respective company without looking at the alternatives
and / or discussing their needs with the open source community
openly in active engagement.

Legitimate requests for example to develop open source boards
of their latest chips and to open source their drivers all go
unheeded as far as I know.

So it seems failed MBAs infiltrating Samsung have on the one
hand ignore requests for open sourcing their technology
for wider adoption and creating infrastructure
and on the other hand the failed MBAs want respect
in developer forums for closed source crap.

The two are mutually exclusive.

Samsung and many other companies, particular China factories and
Taiwan factories need to sit down and think this thing through.
The world's most powerful developer force is now
only the open source movement. With zero paperwork and formal structures
to hold them down, they are more agile than ANY proprietary
force that wants to compete with it.

You can't bargain with them if you got no documentation
or the will power to engage with the open source source world.

Those who refuse to enage the open source world, Linux and the
open hardware movement are going dark (micorshaft for example,
intel another one) and failing with lost
sales while those who do, even if just a little bit,
like for example Allwinner, they find they have immense success
over their rivals, and take on the likes of Intel and win hands down.

Ignore the open source movement at your own peril.

Ignore Linux and GPL at your own expense.

If the failed MBAs in Samsung are removed and Samsung handed over
a few documents containing everything about the Octa Exynos 5
ARM supercomputer for example, including the video hardware,
the entire open source developer
world will light up and their name would be up in lights as
everyone rush to build Octa boards and kick start their sales
of Octa chips creating endless demand.

That is a lot cheaper option of creating demand than
employing failed MBAs and their failed trolling tactics.

Besides trolling is illegal and prison is not far away
for the more extreme trolls:

So if failed MBAs insist on trolls to make
up for their own failings, then its time to call it a day
on failed MBAs and bring in new realism into business
by hiring those with experience of building bridges
with open source and expand sales that way by sharing

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