Alternative to Kinsten Developer??

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I wonder if anyone has had any luck using alternative positive resist
developers with Kinsten presensitised PCBs, as opposed to the genuine
article. I know NaOH is commonly used as developer, but does this work
with the Kinsten boards and if so at what concentrations?

I know I should just do a test but those boards are expensive and
maybe someone already knows the answer.

Tim Polmear

Re: Alternative to Kinsten Developer??

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Tim - I can't help with an alternative, but I find the Kinsten developer ok.
I'm using some that I mixed up many months ago and have probably done around
10 boards with it.
I just keep it in a sealed "tupperware" container and keep using it till it
fails to work. At about $2 per bag I figure it's not too expensive.I buy it
from Computronics in Perth.

I tried using NaOH as a developer years ago without success - maybe I didn't
try hard enough!

Re: Alternative to Kinsten Developer??

Thanks Rob

My developer goes in the sink as soon as I've finished using it as per
the instructions so I might try keeping hold of it a bit longer. I've
got no complaints with the developer - except that I've run out now,
so I guess I'd better order some.

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