PXA270 Development board

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I am looking for a PXA270 based board with 128MB SDRAM,PS/2 mouse and
keyboard ports,
CF slot and a working linux port. I am trying to build a web browsing

Thanks for your suggestions.


Re: PXA270 Development board
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I've successfully used the Sandgate II board for a PXA270 based project,
but it's not cheap - though it works PERFECTLY. $5K:



Re: PXA270 Development board
How about a cheap board that uses PXA255 at 400 Mhz and comes with


check this one out
This board will meet your specification to develop a web browsin
station. Click on the following link to find more detaile
information on 'GAOPXA270 Development Board'

"GAO Engineering offers a PXA270 based development board with 128M

SDRAM, 64 MB Flash, 1 10/100M Ethernet interface, 1 MMC interface,
PCMCIA interface, 1 audio I/O, 1 320x240 TFT LCD interface, TOUCH
CPLD programmable, 1 JTAG interface  and 1 bus.
http://www.gaoengineering.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath15%_41&products_id19 %

Re: check this one out
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$3,5000   !!!!!!!

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