Problem with initrd not creating /dev/ram0

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Hi guys,
  I have a hair-tearing problem here and I hope some one is able to
help me. I have built linux Unfortunately, for some reason I
don't get /dev/ram0 but /dev/root:

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted
/dev/root                 2726      2169       415
84% /
/dev/mtdblock1           14080       644     13436   5% /mnt/flash

I've commented out /dev/root in fstab (it seems to be ignored),
changed it to /dev/ram0 but it still doesn't appear!

An older rootfs built for linux but booted with
gives me:

Filesystem              Size              Used Available Use% Mounted
/dev/ram0                3.6M             1.2M       2.4M  32%   /
/dv/mtdblock1         13.6M          644.0k     13.1M    5%   /mnt/

When I use the *same* fstab, inittab, basically identical etc
directory from in the new rootfs, I don't see /dev/

What do I need to enable in buildroot linux-menuconfig for to
get it to be able to create the same filesystem as linux

Any help appreciated.


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