board-specific kernel .config files?

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I can pick up any number of kernel source trees for my Beagleboard from all
sorts of places, either git repositories or as tarballs.  (FWIW, Beagleboard
is a low-cost ARM OMAP3 hardware platform, kind of an eval board.)

My question is:  For such hardware-specific kernels, is it reasonable or
logical to expect that these .config files will already be set with the most
appropriate options?

Is there some sort of custom or tradition here, or no?  Will I still need to
"make xconfig" an puzzle through the options?

Re: board-specific kernel .config files?
"rafe" <rafeb AT speakeasy DOT net> writes:
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It's reasonable to expect that. However, some of the time it seems it's
reasonable to expect the kernel to fail to even compile with those
settings. (Certainly true of the later 2.6.XX tags.)

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A strong tradition: cross fingers as you cross compile.

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Re: board-specific kernel .config files?

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I wouldn't expect a .config, but I would expect that there is a defconfig
for your board (or the prototype baord it was based on) which you may use
as starting point via "make defconfig".  Have a look at arch/arm/configs/

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"make defconfig" creates a .config which might be for an older kernel
(have seen this), so do a "make oldconfig" afterwards.  The result should


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