Newbie - Memory Usage Confusion

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I've now got three working kernels all based on the stock
kernel. A and B have different feature sets and C is B linked against
ucLibc. I'm now trying to determine which uses the least memory by
booting each in turn and executing cat /proc/meminfo.

A: MemTotal12%6836 MemFree12%2868
B: MemTotal12%6616 MemFree12%2600
C: MemTotal12%7116 MemFree12%3116

The board has 128MB onboard or 131072 bytes. Can someone explain to me
why none of the kernels agree about MemTotal and how I work out which
kernel is using the least memory?


Re: Newbie - Memory Usage Confusion
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because each of those kernels keeps a different amount of memory aside
for itself. The /proc/meminfo MemTotal value does not include the
memory that the kernel needs to keep for itself, so the MemTotal is
smaller (by that amount) than the size of the physical memory in the
system. As for the differences between A, B, and C, each kernel keeps
as much memory as it needs; different kernels, with different compiled-
in features, have different memory requirements. Likely, the three
kernels each have some minor differences as to the resident features
they were compiled for.

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By inference: MemTotal - known_maximum_memory 3D% Kernel_size
By observation: dmesg | grep '[Mm]emory:'
                and count up the allocations.


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