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I am a newbie in Moblin, having facing a lot of problem while building
the moblin image. I am using Fedora core 9 on i386 platform. The
following softwares are also installed:

image creator-046.
intltool Version above 0.35.0
gettext-devel & gettext-libs
python 2.4.5

I compiled & built image creator successfully by using
1. ./
2. ./configure
3. make install

But everything when creating project for moblin image using image-
creator, it tries to install plugins using yum protectbase and fails
One reason may be that in my office proxy blocks most of the sites, so
when it tries to download from the website from the command prompt,
eventually it fails. If this is the case, what is the way out.

How can i build the moblin image if my m/c is not in the network.

If anyone having Moblin experience tell me how should i build Moblin,
it will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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