Memory hole

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I have a embedded board with 64MB  RAM which is not contiguous.
The first chunk of 32MB starts from the physical address 0x00000000 and
the second chuck of 32Mb starts from physical address 0x04000000. That
means there is memory gap of 32MB.

Can i some how tell linux to use this type of memory arrangement as
64MB in total?
Plz comment.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.

Re: Memory hole
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Typically one can pass kernel command line parameters at boot time
specifying the memory layout.  Of course, this is architecture-specific
code so you'd need to check the code for your architecture.  And it's
typically possible to specify a "default" kernel command line string at
compile time.  The parameters typically look like this:

<other parameters...> mem32%m@0 mem32%m@64m


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