Stacked flash/ram memory

I have seen some stacked flash/ram memory modules available on various manufacturer websites. However all the modules are bga. Does anyone know if there are any that are any available in a LQFP or other leaded form.

It would certainly make things easier for small microcontroller projects to have flash and ram in one chip.

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Do you mean "small" (uncomplicated) or "small" (low PCB area) projects?

For the former, pick a microcontroller that has flash and RAM on-chip.

The chips you're talking about are designed for the latter application. BGA yields a much higher board density than any leaded package, so I wouldn't expect to see these high-density parts in any other form.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

These parts are designed for one thing, cell phones. If you try to use them in one of your small projects, you will likely find that they are made of unobtainium and have correspondingly long lead times.

Rick "rickman" Collins
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