[jobs] Help build the eyes of the smarthome

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Small, first-rate, well-funded team seeks embedded Linux hacker to help bui
ld the eyes of the smarthome.  Extensive knowledge of C or C++ and at least
 one of the Unix shells required.  Experience with SIMD instruction sets, b
oard bringup, hardware video encoding, and DSP or GPU programming helpful b
ut not required.

Expect highly talented and interesting coworkers, including the perception  
lead from Stanford's self-driving car and the cofounder of Google Street Vi
ew.  Competitive cash & meaningful company ownership included in compensati
on.  Perks include the usual food and high quality health insurance, plus s
ignificantly too much responsibility which will translate to rapid personal

Must be willing to move to the SF Bay Area; we'll cover moving costs.

 Please include one paragraph describing the coolest thing you have built.

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