Help!!! microchip 16f84 build error

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well i hope someone can help me, when i try to build supplied 16f84a.asm it
says true vector error.
this is the code template supplied by microchip and I am following the
procedure to the letter in the user guide.

ive also tried a different disk with the same software on a different pc
with the same results.

ive tried other pic devices which work fine it just seems to be a problem
with the 16f84 and 16f84a devices.

any help much appreciated

Re: Help!!! microchip 16f84 build error

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First, I am new to the Microchip PICs; one university course and few months
playing around. Primarily 16F84A and 16F88, and not much of that the past
few months.
Anyway, I would like to try to help, but I think more inforamtion is needed.

Are you trying to build only the 16f84a template or do you have some code
added to it?
It may help to post your code.
Are you using the MPLAB IDE? If so, which version? I can't find an error or
warning called "true vector error" in the help files. Can you describe
how/when you got the error?
What sort of project have you set up (how many and what type of files)?
Which user guide are you using and which procedure are you trying to
duplicate (page number/description)?


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