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I have a linux-based device with JFFS2, and I need to know as to configure
the system.
Some time the system employs much time in order to boot and I don't have
idea of because.
This is an extract of my log file.

NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
fatfs: bogus cluster size
split old frag 0x22000-0x47000 -->hole
split old frag 0x0000-0xeb000 -->hole
split old frag 0x0000-0x32000 -->hole
split old frag 0x0000-0x5b000 -->hole
split old frag 0x37000-0x5b000 -->hole
split old frag 0x0000-0x36000 -->hole
split old frag 0x3f000-0x5b000 -->hole
split old frag 0x37000-0x3c000 -->hole

It is possible to force the reorder manually?
Thanks in advance.


Stefano ha scritto:
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Hi Stefano,
which system ?
When this happen ?
Could you post a more detailed log ?

Please consider that the first time a JFFS2 partition boot on a Linux
system may take many time to scan sectors. Starting from te seconf time
it will boot faster.

Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Bergamo - ITALIA
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Kernel's version is 2.4.4
It succeeded more often at the boot of the system.
What log do you need?


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