instruction access exception at RFI instruction

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   I am porting Linux 2.4.27 on a powerpc MPC8248 based board.
Board Details:
Memory Region     Size      Address Range                      Port Size
SDRAM        32MByte      0000_0000 -- 01FF_FFFF       64 bit
InternalMemory    384KByte  F000_0000 -- 0F05_FFFF
PCI        1GByte      1000_0000 -- 4FFF_FFFF        32 bit
Flash         32MByte    FF00_0000 -- FFFF_FFFF            32 bit

1.SDRAM device size is 16MByte and 32 bit wide .We have used two SDRAMs
for total size of 32MByte and 64bit wide.(P/N:MT48LC4M32B2TG-6)
2.Flash device size is 8MByte and 16 bit wide. We have used two Flashes
for total size of 16MByte and 32bit wide. (P/N: M29W640DB90N6T)

I am using Metrowerks CodeWarrior to debug our kernel code.So code
execution when reaches to :
/* Now turn on the MMU for real! */
    li    r4,MSR_KERNEL
    lis    r3,start_kernel@h
    ori    r3,r3,start_kernel@l
    mtspr    SRR0,r3
    mtspr    SRR1,r4
-->    RFI
this part at instruction "RFI" execution reaches to Instruction access
exception and never come back  to start_kernel funtion..
Beside these things when i simply look into logbuffer It shows:0
OOPs:Kernel Access  of Bad area sig<11>:
and sometime it shows pagefault:

Please help me . I am really struggling .If anyone needs more info
,please ask.

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