How to Change Atmel Parallel flash to SST 39VF6401B

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Hi ,am new to this.
Am trying to change Atmel AT49BV642D to SST 39VF6401B on embedded board with processor AT91Rm9200.
What all steps i should follow to get this chip work properly.Any changes to be done on Uboot?
Now its showing as follows

physmap phymap.c platform flash device: 00800000 at 10000000
physmap-flash physmap-flash.0: map_probe failed

Linux kernel is 2.6. Compiler Arm-Linux gcc .

I have added the following to jedec_probe.c

.dev_id = SST39VF6401B,
.name = "SST 39VF6401B",
.devtypes = CFI_DEVICETYPE_X16,
.uaddr = MTD_UADDR_0xAAAA_0x5555,
.dev_size = SIZE_8MiB,
.cmd_set = P_ID_AMD_STD,
.nr_regions = 1,
.regions = {

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