how to build debug-able kernel

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  I am wondering how to debug the kernel and its first step must be
building a debug-able kernel. I have a PowerPC development board and
on the host I installed a powerpc GDB and some other tools to download
the kernel imgae to the board.

  As my GDB does not support MMU, I think the 1st thing I should do is
to disable MMU inside the kernel. I will check where is the code to
control MMU, if it is on top of your heap, please point me for that.

  The build the kernel. And my questions are:
  1) Can I use my current .config? My understanding is yes, but not
quite sure.
  2) What is the way to insert compile option, -g, into the Makefile?
Is there any global env variable I can define? Or I must modify all
the Makefile?
  3) Should I still run "make clean dep bzImage" to build?

  Am I simplifying the problem?

Thanks so much on your help.

Re: how to build debug-able kernel
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You can't just turn off the MMU.

Instead of using gdb in user space, switch to kgdb, hooks for running
gdb from a remote pc onto your ppc target.

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