flash players for embedded systems?

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Does anyone know of a browser + flashplayer for embedded systems?  Even
a browser and a separate player where the browser will start the
external player automagically?

I have an HP Ipaq (WinCE) and a Sharp Zaurus (Linux - openzaurus) and I
can't find a browser for either one that supports flash....  Fishing
around on the web finds nothing useful; only some vague references that
there aren't any players.

(I could build a version of Konq/e + qt/e for the zaurus that will run
on a X11 arm based system, but before I subject myself to that much pain
I figured I'd ask.... Even so, the Konq/e player only supports flash 3.)


Re: flash players for embedded systems?
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There are a couple of open-source Flash player projects.  You might get
one or the other to work on one (or both) of your devices.

http://www.schleef.org/swfdec /
http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash /

Gnash looks like the more active of the two projects.

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