GDB Remote Debugging

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Hi Guys.

I am running gdb server on my target & running a cross-compiled
version of the gdb on my host (Linux box). I am able to establish
connectivity, problem is when I invoke the client part of the gdb &
specify a file for reading symbols

(gdb)file /tftpboot/MyExec

it reads the libthread_db on the local host /lib path i.e., /lib/
which should be the cross-compiled library which is somewhere in /opt/

I digged through gdb's help but couldnt find an option to force the
library search path. Any ideas how do I get gdb to look at the cross
compiled library path for the right library??


Re: GDB Remote Debugging
Quoted text here. Click to load it

set solib-absolute-prefix /path/to/your/cross/libs


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