cross-installing grub : what next

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Hello all,

I've come to creating an image (busybox, kernel, etc.) of which I
THINK it would work, once deployed on my target. I did this using
ptxdist's cross-compilation possibilities. My host system is a i686
architecture, my target is a Geode EmCORE-n511 (so an i586

Now I have the next problem, being to cross-compile grub for it, and
to install it on my target hardware (via an image). All of this, I'd
like to continue to do this using ptxdist, preferably. BUT... I have
some questions :

1. would someone have an example (or some useful links) on how I
should do this, continuing to make use of ptxdist ?
2. how can I determine what devicename the CF socket- inserted disk
will have ? I think I should know this for my /etc/fstab ?

Thank you, and kind regards,


Re: cross-installing grub : what next
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The ptxdist-2 (or 1.99.x) can generate harddisk images that include the root
filesystem and the grub loader. So a simple "dd" command can make your disk

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On your host or on your target?

BTW: There is a much better chance to get answers about ptxdist related
questions at "" (subscribtion required,
refer "PTXdist: PTXdist Developer Mailinglist." at ).


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