[ANN] Driver rtl818x 1.0.1-b is released

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The rtl818x is a cleaned up and GPLed Linux driver for WLAN adapters
based on Realtek's RTL818x series of chipsets. Many OEM's like Belkin,
D-Link, Surecom and others sell the (Mini-)PCI, CardBus and, or PCMCIA
versions of these cards.
After making a few changes to Makefile and, or add a few more Makefiles
the modules now build well even under the latest kernel version 2.6.17.x
sources :)
The above also triggered a few more changes to the driver sources and,
or test scripts; that's just for an information.

Click http://sourceforge.net/projects/rtl818x to download the source
code and, or http://rtl818x.sourceforge.net/ for further instructions.

Hope you all will enjoy this cutting edge release.

"Linux is much much better, but not the best as yet!
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