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i've got an ICP wafer 4821 SBC. the board has an 486 CPU and an AMI-BIOS but no VGA connector. i managed to boot the board from a DOS floppy and can access it using CTTY COM1:. this is fine to work with the board, however now i need to change some bios setting - in the manual they simply say to access the bios during booting - however since no VGA connector is available - i'm a bit lost how to do this :-(.

does anybody know how the bios settings can be changed? i tried to use amisetup from the serial DOS boot disk, but this doesn't work.

thanks, Andreas

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Andreas S. Krebs
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I don't have any reference handy, but if I remember right, the BIOS (well, it's non-volatile data in the CMOS) can be accessed somehow at any time via I/O ports 0x70..0x7F.

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access it





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do you know of any program for linux or dos that can be used to do this? also do you have any documentation what values are for an amibios?

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Andreas S. Krebs

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