25% of coders working on IoT

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25% of coders working on IoT


I'm not sure if that is right.

There is no infrastructure for IoT developers to make
product and make it work properly.

The first and last hurdle is setting up the router
for IoT to work. Grandpa and Grandma is not interested.

So the birth of real IoT has yet to happen.

And it must with a different idea for router.

May be some open source developer with re-invent the router
so that it is gate keeper to the house. The device
allows gadgets inside the house to connect to the
outside world safely in a default way that is fully
automatic without security risks.

Weeell... here are 6000 Linux functions to start coding! ;)

List of 6000 Linux C function calls and commands


Whoa! Unbelievable. All documented including which header files to use
when calling functions, and the data types of the functions.

Developers can use this to make ANY new computing system or distro.

May be a new banking device, or a TV device, or a gaming device,
or a robot gadget, or a Internet of Things product, or a  
new tablet, or a  new smart watch, or a new 3D printer,
or a new digital camera, or a new digital telescope, or
a new security camera, etc etc etc.

Also documented are all the common commands that may be run
from bash console such as ls, date, cp, etc.
These functions are easy enough to call from C program
to make exceptionally light work of very complex operatons
without having to write all that in C.

Many of these commands are immensely useful in fault finding

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