Shareware sizing apps series


There are some cheap shareware electronic sizing applications for Linux and Windows OSs. Language support: nglish and Hungarian. Registration price is 1=E2=82=AC.

Now available:

  1. Resistor circuits: =CE=94-Y conversion =CE=A0-section attenuator Bridged T-section attenuator Current divider L-section attenuator (a) L-section attenuator (b) L-section impedance converter Multiplier resistor for voltmeter Serial and paralell equivalent resistance Shunt resistor for ammeter Shunt resistor from Cu wire Symmetric L-section attenuator (a) Symmetric L-section attenuator (b) Symmetric T-section attenuator Symmetric bridged T-section attenuator Symmetric cross L-section attenuator T-section attenuator Voltage divider Wheatstone-bridge Y-=CE=94 conversion

  1. LC-circuits: Collins-filter Seefried impedance transformer Two way crossover filter #1 Two way crossover filter #2 Two way crossover filter #3 Two way crossover filter #4 Two way crossover filter #5 Two way crossover filter #6 Asymmetric low pass =CE=A0-section filter Asymmetric low pass L-section filter Asymmetric low pass T-section filter Symmetric low pass =CE=A0-section filter Symmetric low pass T-section filter Asymmetric high pass =CE=A0-section filter Asymmetric high pass L-section filter Asymmetric high pass T-section filter Symmetric high pass =CE=A0-section filter Symmetric high pass T-section filter Asymmetric band pass L-section filter Asymmetric band pass T-section filter Asymmetric band pass =CE=A0-section filter Symmetric band pass T-section filter Asymmetric band stop L-section filter Asymmetric band stop T-section filter Asymmetric band stop =CE=A0-section filter Symmetric band stop T-section filter

Next part is Power supplies, it is under development .

Planned parts: Bipolar and field effect transistor workpoint calculations Electrontube workpoint calculations RC-circuits Transformers, inductors

Have a nice day! Pozsi

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1) This group does NOT have "forsale" in its name; your post is SPAM.

2) Is your payware ported to Linux or OS X?

3) Does it run under WINE?
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