Need to adapt a fiber optic as a lens to a video camera lens, can anyone help me out?

Basically, the fiber optic lens will be an extension to the video camera lens so that light going through the fiber goes directly into the video camera lens. We have several trees in our back yard and we want to look inside some of the holes in the tree to see what is inside it. How to make a fiber optic light source would be useful to. Thanks for your time.

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so that light going through the fiber goes

and we want to look inside some of the holes

would be useful to. Thanks for your time.

Basically, your idea is unworkable as a homebrew project. How many times are you going to repeat this nonsense on all of the electronics newsgroups? People keep telling you that it is a complex subject, but it just isn't sinking in.

If your trees have holes that big they should be cut down before they fall on someone.

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True but in the near future it might be possible for a price.

_Science News_ recently ran something about a camera that used a lot of lenslets that were deliberately out of focus. A computer then enhanced the image and the depth of field was increased by a factor of 10.

Bret Cahill

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Fiber optic image cables are extremely touchy to make, and very expensive on the commercial market. They are made by taking very small glass fibers, winding them carefully and perfectly in parallel on a drum, and then sealing them into a crimped, epoxied ferrule so the order of the fibers is not violated. Then the ferrule is cut in half, the fibers are in exactly the same places in both ends, and polished to optical flatness. You are proposing something that you really cannot afford in either cash or time, unless you have a real rich uncle or access to a surplus unit. Just buy a super cheap video camera from (B&W for $20) and send it down the hole.


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