Need dc-to-dc step-up from 9.6v to 455~510vdc

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I'm stupid. OK, I'm actually reasonably smart, but electronics boggles = my mind.

In layman's terms, can someone supply me with a schematic with well = marked & identified components/values to build as simple a dc-to-dc = step-up converter to take a 9vdc rechargeable battery pack and spit out =


I have an old off-camera strobe that needs a 510vdc battery (which costs = from $70-$100 and lasts about 6 months). I have an AC-to-DC step-up = converter (120vac to 455vdc) which drives the unit nicely.

So, please, please, please can one of you fine ladies and/or gentlemen = help me in this task?

I'd prefer and email response ( so as not to = suck-up bandwidth with circuit diagrams.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help (and there can NEVER be too = many responses).


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James Korolas
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1) Obtain CCFL module (CPC do them)

2) Add series capacitor(s) sized to limit the voltage to less than what is required with the addition of a pair of series connected HV zeners across the output

Should work .

(Warning, DANGER, those CCFL modules are really vicious, if you bridge the output they will produce a fat, damaging arc at least 8mm long . Make sure to use a load on the output !)


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Please bear in mind that unless you buy or build a rather hefty DC-DC converter, that the recycle time of the flash will be in the order of 10-15 seconds or more(depending on the current capability of the converter). In order to get very fast recycle times, the converter has to be able to supply a high current to get the flash capacitor charged up in a hurry.

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