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Hi folks...this was in a baseball newsgroup that I participate in ( Faraday cages have been mentioned, implying that it could be safe. I don't know that I'd trust this against lightning (maybe a Van de Graff generator). What do you think?

"Just wondering if sitting on a wood bench inside a metal cage (i.e. metal on top and 4 sides) is a safe place to be during a lightning storm. This is similar to the situation of being in a car (except for the rubber tires!). I have seen younger kids wait out a passing storm this way and am wondering if it IS in fact safe? What would the effect of metal cleats be? I'd appreciate any thoughts from anybody but especially from physics teachers/physicists. Thanks!"


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Inside a faraday is safe. Absolutely safe. Only problem could be the potential difference between your legs, due to the resistance of the copper. But I guess that it'd be small enough to not be lethal. But remember, copper is a resistor, so if you stand with your feets apart, you're in paralell with that part of the copper, and will see some of the current. But since you're in series with the rest of the copper, you'll only see a fraction of the voltage. So yes, for 1000$ I'd be in a copper cage on top of a mountain during a thunderstorm.

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